"'If you hear from a scientist going by the name of Carlos, please let us now.' So you can imagine, listeners, I made all sorts of noises when she said that."

- Cecil Palmer.

I believe we all did.

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biancas-remis asked:

Your an Elfquest fan??????

CreepyCosplayer Answer:

Dude I love Elfquest!! I’m working on a Skywise/Lille Vismann cosplay :D !!  I’m also gonna do Rayek and Morning Dew QuQ 

darthneb asked:

12 (By the way every time I get on here I want to dance.)

CreepyCosplayer Answer:

Then you should dance ! 

  • 12. favorite songs?

I can’t really pick because it changes all the time. But right now what I’m listening to is “Love is all I got” by- Feed me and Crystal Fighters. 

ask me numbers favorite songs you should dance with me hun myself me

Anonymous asked:

39 and/or 40 ;)

CreepyCosplayer Answer:

Asking the big questions eh ? ;) 

  • 39. opinion on society

It’s hard to find yourself in a world so centered around perfection, when in reality imperfection is what defines us… The standards set up by the society is way to high, and the frame to thin. I can’t fit in. 

  • 40. opinion on life itself

Live it the best you can. I know it’s hard but hang in there. 

anon answer numbers opinion on society and life me

Anonymous asked:

Numbers 13, 20, and 21 ? ;*

CreepyCosplayer Answer:

  • 13. pet peeves?

People who are mean to or teas animals. 

  • 20. favorite quotes?

☆ Don’t be afraid, to be yourself. ☆

*I’m just here, to gay up the place* :*

  • 21. favorite books?

Ahh I love all books! But I absolutely adore all of Darren Shan’s works.

oh also might add the last books I read, were ” The night circus” and “The little white horse” I loved them both.  

And highly recommend them~

anon answer pet peeves favorite books favorite quotes me numbers

biancas-remis asked:

Du hadde vært huldra, eller nøkken. Jo du hadde nok vært nøkken. Fordi du trollbinder alle med alle de ansiktene du kan male på deg selv.

CreepyCosplayer Answer:

*let  me hug you* <33 Tusen takk! Bokstavelig talt  gråter her x’33 

monster thank you cutie me

send me numbers //

1. favorite foods?

2. favorite artists?

3. favorite color?

4. ever been in love?

5. ever kissed a guy?

6. ever kissed a girl?

7. are you virgin?

8. are you happy?

9. whats your sexuality?

10. favorite blogs?

11. favorite animals?

12. favorite songs?

13. pet peeves?

14. age?

15. country of residence?

16. relationship status?

17. ever done drugs?

18. do you smoke?

19.how was your first kiss?

20. favorite quotes?

21. favorite books?

22. religion?

23. best friends?

24. blogger crush?

25. famous crush?

26. how many followers do you have?

27. how many blogs do you follow?

28. things you hate about yourself?

29. ever had suicidal thoughts?

30. do/did you cut?

31. post a selfie

32. mood update

33. write a short poem

34. blog rate

35.facts about myself emotionally

36. facts about myself physically

37. have any pets?

38. political opinion

39. opinion on society

40. opinion on life itself

send me numbers ?? questions in general anon or not :DDDD ???

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